About Grace Family Outreach Church

Our history.


Clifton and Geri Coulter, spiritual pioneers, embarked on their church journey in 1977 when they founded their first church in Paoli, Indiana. Their unwavering commitment to ministry led them to co-pastor Grace Family Outreach Church in Park Hills, where they have faithfully served for over 40 years. Their legacy is one of resilience, faith, and community impact. Coulters celebrate 40 years of ministry – Daily Journal Online


After Pastor Clifton passed away in November 2021, Pastor Geri has become our head Pastor and along with her children, Pastor Cody, and Pastor Kami, they continue to lead the church with love and excitement! We are blessed to have such amazing Pastors! You will find that each one brings their own personality and style when they bring the WORD! Be blessed today!

  • Geri Coulter, a pastor, and an author, has dedicated nearly, two decades to serving as a pastor at Grace Family Outreach Church in Park Hills, Missouri. Her remarkable journey spans 39 years as a pastor’s wife, conference speaker, mother, and Christian author. Geri’s ministry has been marked by both incredible miracles and devastating heartache. She has personally applied the principles of Grace and Faith to overcome life’s challenges, sharing her experiences and weaving them into her teachings. Geri’s commitment extends beyond the pulpit; she actively ministers to the community, impacting lives through her faith-based work. Her husband, Clifton, was also a co-pastor at Grace Family Outreach Church, and together, they served with love and dedication. Geri’s passion for truth and her unwavering faith continue to inspire those around her, making her a beacon of hope and resilience
  • Cody Coulter is the founder of The Love Movement. This movement aims to create a space where people who have experienced great pain can find acceptance, respect, and love. Cody’s journey includes being delivered from drug addiction, surviving multiple suicide attempts, and spending time in prison. While incarcerated, Cody had a unique encounter with the overwhelming love of God. In prison, he received a vision of “The Love Movement,” which now drives his mission to hold space for others who may not see the value in life except to escape it. 
  • Kami Wren, the daughter of Clifton and Geri Coulter, is an integral part of their family’s ministry journey. Growing up in a household deeply rooted in faith, Kami was exposed to the teachings and principles of Christianity from an early age. Her parents’ commitment to serving as pastors at Grace Family Outreach Church in Park Hills, Missouri, significantly influenced her spiritual upbringing. Today, Kami Wren continues to honor her parents’ legacy by serving as a beacon of hope and compassion within the church community.  Her vibrant personality, love for others, and commitment to spreading God’s message make her an essential part of the Coulter family’s ministry journey

Remembering Clifton Lee Coulter

We honor the memory of Clifton Lee Coulter, a pastor, author, actor, and spiritual mentor who made a significant impact on our church and the community. He  was a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on the lives of those who knew him. Let me share some details about Clifton and his beloved wife, Geri Coulter: His legacy continues to inspire us to this day.

Clifton Lee Coulter, born on June 9, 1944, in Paoli, Indiana, was a remarkable individual who left an indelible mark on those who knew him. He entered into eternal rest on November 11, 2021, at the age of 77 at SSM St. Clare Hospital in Fenton12. Clifton’s life was rich with diverse experiences and contributions:

  • Military Service: Clifton proudly served his country as a veteran of the United States Army Reserves.
  • Ministry and Evangelism: In 1977, he answered his call to ministry and pioneered churches in both Indiana and Missouri. His travels took him to many nations, where he proclaimed the gospel and witnessed countless lives transformed. Miracles happened under his ministry, and he became known for his revelation of God’s Grace and his ability to teach in a way that resonated with listeners.
  • Pastoral Leadership: For the past 15 years, Clifton served as the Pastor at Grace Family Outreach Church in Park Hills, Missouri. The church experienced exponential growth during this time, and he also founded the Grace Family Outreach Center.
  • Multifaceted Talents: Clifton was an author, an actor, a spiritual mentor, an artist, a world evangelist, a dog trainer, and a talented carpenter. He even had an authentic cowboy spirit, enjoying horseback riding. But above all, he cherished his family, considering them his heartbeat.
  • Legacy: Clifton’s impact extended far beyond his immediate circle. His teachings, compassion, and unwavering faith continue to inspire those who encountered him.
  • Geri (Grimes) Coulter, his loving wife of 53 years, stood by his side throughout their journey together. Their enduring bond was a testament to their commitment and shared life.

  • Clifton and Geri were blessed with a beautiful family:

    • Dustin (Mandy Blevins) Coulter of Hardinsburg, IN
    • Kami (Damien) Wren of Farmington
    • Cody (Haley) Coulter of Desloge
    • Kelly Coulter
    • Twelve grandchildren and twelve great-grandchildren