The Love Movement

COME TO THE TABLE! 🙌 Where everything is figure-outable together! #ONELOVE

GOOD MORNING, fellow survivors!! I'd like to introduce myself and give you a glance at the woman behind the post. My name is Amanda, I am 37 with 2 children. A boy & girl! There's no doubt I had a rough start to life.... BUT there's no reason I would have to continue it. I just didn't figure it out without a little extra help and a few more lessons than I probably had to learn. BETTER LATE THAN NEVER!

We must continue to fight the good fight and that means being vulnerable in order to help. This is my story in 5 minutes. Please be kind! I love you!

I will be 5 years sober from drugs and chaos March 7th, 2024!

The Love Movement in Park Hills, MO is a vibrant community initiative that brings people together with a shared purpose: to create a space where everything is figure-outable through love and unity. This movement emphasizes the power of connection, compassion, and collective effort. Whether it’s through gatherings, workshops, or heartfelt conversations, participants come to the table to support one another, uplift spirits, and spread love. The guiding principle of #ONELOVE underscores the belief that we are stronger when we stand together. If you’re seeking a place where hearts are open, challenges are faced head-on, and love prevails, The Love Movement in Park Hills is where you’ll find it